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1. Upload your track using
It's simple! Don't forget to copy download link.
2. Send us an email at with the follow information inside:
- your name and contact info
- artist/band name and song title
- download link to your file from sendtransfer
- your comments
3. We'll contact you within 24 hours.
We may request additional information.
4. We will send you a link to your free online mastering sample (30-60 seconds).
Take your time, listen in a few environments. Make sure you love it. We can make any adjustments (one round of changes is included in your rate).
Note: we usually provide a one minute mastered section of your track for free evaluation, however, if you have a track that has lots of variation and changes throughout for which a one minute section will not be adequate to assess the mastering, we can provide a longer section or even the complete track but this will need to be paid for upfront.
5. Once you approve our work, we'll send you a PayPal invoice.
You don't need a PayPal account in order to pay. You can just use your Debit or Credit Card. If you don't like this method you can always make a bank transfer or send us a check - just ask us for our details.
6. Submit payment and we'll send you the final digital CD-quality master.
You will recieve a *.WAV file, 16 bit 44,100 Hz.
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