Blog #2

#2 Prepare your mix. Get the best sounding master.

1. Format and quality of your track. Please, provide uncompressed WAV or AIFF files in the same resolution as your project. Up to 10 minutes long. MP3 files are undesirable. If a track exceeds 10 minutes in duration we might need to charge a little more, so please contact us to discuss this.

2. Master buss FX. Please DO NOT add any effect when you export your file or mixdown your song.

3. Clipping. Please check your mixdown track for any clip. It's very important, pay a lot of attention to this step.

4. File name. When you upload your files, please name them correctly, like "artist/bandname_songname.wav" or "artist/bandname_songname.aiff"

5. Additional info. Please send us an email at with the follow informations inside:

- your name and contact info
- artist/band name and song title
- download link to your file from wetransfer
- your comments

If you have any special request or references to other songs, please list them in a note.

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